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Contact Lens Eye Exam & Fitting

Book your expert lens fitting in Fort Worth, Texas!

Contact lenses are a comfortable, convenient way to enjoy clear vision without the bother of eyeglasses on your face. As the popularity of this method of vision correction increases steadily, we are performing more and more contact fittings at Eagle Mountain Family Eye Care.

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Why is it necessary to have a contact lens fitting and contact exam?

Contact lenses are not one-size-fits all! And only a qualified eye care professional can determine the correct lens powers, size, and type of contacts for your eyes. To benefit from all that lenses have to offer and preserve the long-lasting, quality health of your vision – contact our Fort Worth, Texas, eye doctor to book a contact lens eye exam.

What is a contact lens exam?

In general, a contact lens exam consists of checking your visual acuity and eye health thoroughly:

  • Our eye doctor will check your vision prescription (which generally differs from your eyeglasses prescription) to confirm that it is accurate and up-to-date.
  • We will inspect your eye health to detect or rule out any pre-existing conditions that could affect wearing contacts successfully. For example, if diagnostic testing shows that you have dry eye syndrome and your tear film is not strong enough, we may recommend specialty contact lenses that hold a greater amount of lubricating moisture on your eyes’ surface. If we diagnose other eye conditions, they may require treatment before we can proceed with your contact fitting.
  • When figuring out the best contact lenses for your ocular condition, we will also ask you questions about your personal needs, such as unique lifestyle requirements and any health issues that you may have.

For all parts of your contact exam, our Fort Worth, Texas, eye doctor will use advanced optometric equipment, so you can depend upon the accuracy of your eye exam results at Eagle Mountain Family Eye Care.

What is the contact lens fitting procedure?

Girl Beach Contact LensesThe next step of your Fort Worth, Texas, contacts fitting is to measure your eyes precisely. Our eye doctor will use a keratometer (a quick and painless procedure!) to check for any corneal irregularities or variations. We may use corneal topography to map out different aspects of your cornea. We will also assess your pupil size and iris size.

Once we have determined that you are a good candidate for wearing contacts, our eye doctor will ask you some specific questions about when and why you want to wear contacts, such as:

  • Do you want to wear lenses on a daily basis, or only for special activities (eg: sports) and occasions?
  • How often do you want to replace your contacts? Daily or monthly?
  • Do you want rigid, gas permeable or soft contacts? Nowadays, soft lenses are more popular, yet hard contacts have particular advantages.
  • If you have presbyopia, do you want multifocal lenses?
  • Do you want to change the color of your eyes?

All of this information is essential for giving you the right type of contacts and contact lens fit.

What is a contact lens prescription?

Your detailed contact lenses prescription will include:

  • Base curve (lens curvature)
  • Lens diameter
  • Power of each lens
  • Manufacturer and brand-name of lenses that our eye doctor recommends for your visual and lifestyle needs

When can you try on your contact lenses?

Teen Boy Contact LensRight after your eye exam and contact fitting, you will be ready to try on a pair! Trial and error is typically the best way to assess the fit. Our Eagle Mountain Family Eye Care optical staff will provide instruction on proper insertion. Once they are inserted into your eyes, our eye doctor will assess the fit, checking for proper movement of the lens. We will also perform a vision test to confirm that the contacts are correcting your vision sufficiently.

At this point, it’s also essential that you provide feedback about how the contacts feel! Your comments are one of the most effective ways to gauge a correct fit. If your vision and comfort are not satisfactory, we will recommend a different type of lenses. Some types, such as specialty contacts for astigmatism or presbyopia, can take longer to achieve the ideal fit.

After a short trial (about 15 minutes), we will be able to issue your prescription. Before you head home, our optometrist will provide guidelines about best insertion and removal practices, how long to wear your contacts, disinfection, and storage.

Are contact lens exams expensive?

The average contact lens fitting fee is higher than a regular eye exam – because you are receiving more! Contacts fitting involves more steps, tests, and procedures, all of which takes additional time. A thorough, personalized lens fitting depends upon a certain level of professional experience and expertise, which explains why it can be costlier than a standard eye exam.

When do you need a follow-up contact exam?

We strongly encourage all of our patients who wear contacts to visit for regular follow-up contact lenses eye exams. This is the only way for us to monitor the health and clarity of your vision, as well as check the condition of your contacts. If we detect any problems, we may recommend a change in the type of lenses or your wearing schedule.

To get started with wearing contacts, contact our Fort Worth, Texas, eye doctors to book a contact lens exam and contact lens fitting. We look forward to helping you see with crisp, clear, and comfortable vision!

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