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Amazing Patient Experience Transcript

Hi, my name is Mandy. I’m the office manager here at Eagle Mountain Family Eye Care and I care and I just wanted to drop in for just a second and talk to you about a couple of things.

The other day I was working the front desk and had a patient check-in and she let me know that this was the first time to the office and she didn’t even know that we were there. She said she had driven down Boat Club Road and many times and for some reason it just caught her eye. And she was new to the area and wanted to schedule an eye exam so she called our phone number. She told us how amazing our staff was that answered the phone and how helpful they were with all of her insurance information. She also said that scheduling was absolutely one of the easiest things that she’s done and as the office manager that really makes me proud of the fact that our staff takes the time with every patient not to rush to make sure we collect all of the information necessary to schedule your appointment.

And then she told me she said I can’t wait to meet your doctors and I said, I know. I said we have some of the best doctors around. We have Dr. Avni Gajjar, we have Dr. Kendra DeBerry and Dr. Matthew Miller and all three of our doctors are absolutely amazing. She also told me at that point in time that she was looking to get glasses and sunglasses and I told her, I said, well I can’t wait for you to meet our opticians. They have the best style and product knowledge of anyone around. I was very proud whenever she finished and when she left she had a smile on her face that just made me know as the office manager that she had a great experience and that’s what we want to pass along to you.

So if you have ever any questions about your eye care needs, about vision plans – about anything that’s going on with your eyes, just give us a call at 817-237-7153. Thank you so much and please let us know how we can help.


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