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Why Buy Glasses from My Optometrist?

Designer Eyewear in Fort Worth, Texas

Benefits of Buying Eyeglasses from our Fort Worth, TX, Optical

It seems simple – all you need to do is browse an online eyewear store, choose a pair of eyeglasses, plug in your vision prescription, and click to buy now. However, there is a number of hidden risks involved with buying glasses online. Read on to see a clear view of what you have to gain by buying glasses in person from our expert optometrist in Fort Worth, TX.

Eyeglasses Need to Fit

When you choose glasses online, you are generally able to upload a picture of yourself in order to “try on” different pairs of frames. While this practice may give you a general idea of how the glasses look on your face, it will not give you an idea of how they fit. Eyeglasses must be custom-fitted to meet your specific vision correction needs. And the only way to do that is by having your Fort Worth, TX, optometrist assess the fit in person. Even if your glasses look awesome in a picture, if they don’t fit on your face properly – your vision won’t be sharp.

Of course, a good fit also means that your glasses feel good. Even if you have 20/20 vision with your new eyewear, if they’re not comfortable – you won’t keep them on your face. If they are too big and don’t rest on the bridge of your nose correctly, they’ll slip down. If your glasses frames are too small, they’ll pinch your nose and ears. Trying them on is the only dependable way to know how they will feel.

Quality Control

Our collection of eyeglasses in Fort Worth, TX, is hand-picked to meet high standards of quality and contemporary fashion. Recent studies conducted by the American Optometric Association (AOA) showed that close to half of all eyeglasses ordered online did not satisfy safety standards for your eye protection, or they were crafted with an inaccurate vision prescription.


Designer Eyewear in Fort Worth, Texas

Match Your Lifestyle

Our optometrist considers much more than your favorite color and personal taste when recommending the ideal glasses and lenses to optimize your sight. We also want to know about your hobbies, activities, and daily schedule. Depending upon what you do each day, we will recommend various lens coatings and treatments – such as blue light protection for computer users and photochromic lenses for people who spend their time going back and forth between indoors and outdoors. Also, some people are tougher on their eyewear than others. We offer eyeglasses in Fort Worth, TX, in a range of materials, from durable plastics to ultra-lightweight metals, and we’ll explain the pros and cons of each type of construction.

Match Your Vision

Our eyeglasses in Fort Worth, TX, come in different dimensions and designs, and we’ll help you make the right choice for maximum eyesight.  Are you wondering - Does the shape of my glasses really make a difference when it comes to vision?  The answer is yes. The shape of your glasses can enhance or compromise your ability to see clearly, depending upon your prescription. If you need bifocals or multifocals, the lenses typically require a minimum size in order to accommodate the whole prescription. Another important consideration is to verify that your glasses lenses are set in your frames with the right PD (pupil distance). If the PD is wrong, the optics of your eyeglasses won’t match up with your eyes – and blurry vision can result. Most of the time, vision prescriptions do not include PD, but when you purchase eyeglasses at our store, our optometrist will check it precisely.

Ultimate Customer Satisfaction

When you buy online, there is no personalized assistance as helpful as the hands-on service you will receive from our Fort Worth, TX, optometrist at Eagle Mountain Family Eye Care.

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